Harley Manifold was born in Camperdown, Victoria in 1982. In 2003 he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Deakin University in Warrnambool. He then went onto complete his Honours in Fine Arts at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne as the only non – previous student in his year. He has been included in numerous Art prizes and group exhibitions. On three occasions he has been a finalist in Australia’s richest art prize for emerging artists, The Metro Art Award, and consecutively for the previous two prizes.

His work borrows heavily from the pictorial inheritance of Symbolism and Surrealism, as well as focusing on the way identity is formed in and by the environment of the figures.

His works are in numerous private collections in Australia, as well as France and America. And has held numerous solo shows in Melbourne, including shows in Perth and Adelaide.

Harley Manifold lives and paints full time in Melbourne extending his practice to include portraits and copies of masters by commission.

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