A selection of paintings in the studio, there are numerous smaller works (last count was 60 +), drawings and water colours. We strongly suggest seeing the works in person before making a purchase as they are all large with vividly detailed brushwork. Or just pop into the studio to have a browse.

All images are high resolution so make take a little longer than you are used to, to load. The benefit is if you see an image you are interested in and click ‘full resolution’ (bottom right corner of screen in image browser), the experience is enriched.

2 Responses to Stock

  1. meximo70 says:

    for some reason my computer won’t allow me to “like” this gallery. at any point, i just wanted to say how amazing your paintings are. i judge most artistic work (music, paintings, drawings, photos, poems, novels, etc) by my emotional response. it takes a special talent to use your medium to move someone emotionally, and i haven’t run across one painting yet that hasn’t moved me. bravo!

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